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If you are interested in sharing your passion for extreme sports with other sports enthusiasts through our blog, read this post and find out what you will need and what we require.

Some of the most influential and followed athletes are active in extreme sports, and we strive to bring reliable and updated information to all enthusiasts of the sport. If you naturally keep yourself updated on the world of extreme sport and what the athletes are up to, not only with the sport but with sponsors and more, you may be a good candidate.

We strive to bring information to extreme sports enthusiasts but with a wide focus on the Canadian market. You will need to be able to reside in Canada and have knowledge of the Canadian sports market in a way that could inform the public of the latest insights.

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To write for us, you will need to possess excellent skills in the English language and be able to come up with exciting topics to discuss with other extreme sports enthusiasts. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation are seen as some of the essential skills you will need to possess to be a candidate.

As extreme sports are discussed widely among fans of all categories of the sport, we are looking for writers who won’t only inform existing fans but who can also create new fans for extreme sports.

We are dedicated to only providing reliable, honest, and accurate information to all our readers, so any writer will be tested beforehand to ensure they are capable and have knowledge of extreme sports in Canada.

If you believe that you are the right candidate for us to consider becoming a writer for Chasing Evel Blog contact us for further details on how you can apply for a writing job. We might request you take the required tests to ensure you have the proper knowledge of the Canadian market for Extreme sports.