Extreme Sports Blogs

Extreme Sports Blogs - Extreme Sports Blogs

Following any of the blogs on this list can provide you with enough information to get motivated to take up various extreme sports. If you are already an avid extreme sports enthusiast, you can trust these blogs to help you stay up to date on the latest extreme sports insights.

Jibs Action Sports Blog – jibsactionsports.com/blogs/news

Jibs Action Sports blog is dedicated to providing up-to-date information on skating and BMX sports in Canada. They specialize in skateboarding and even offer reviews on products, events, and tech tips for beginners, intermediate skaters, and boxers.

Snowboard Canada -snowboardcanada.com

Snowboard Canada - Extreme Sports Blogs

Snowboarding is one of Canadas’s most loved extreme sports, and this magazine is dedicated to all snowboard enthusiasts. It’s one of the fantastic action media titles under SVC Media, which is dedicated to skateboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding, and other extreme sports found in Canada.

Manitoba Motocross – mbmotox.com/news

The Manitoba Motocross blog was established in 2015 and is a membership-driven organization that is committed to developing the extreme sport of motocross in Canada. They are focused both on amateurs and professionals and provide posts on the blog about tips and advice, competitions, events, and more.

Snowboard Addiction – snowboardaddiction.com/blogs

Snowboarding Addiction is a blog that is dedicated to the beginner stages of starting to snowboard. Visiting their log can provide you with updated information on how you could get started with the sport and how it could help you with the most vital information.

Alltracks Academy – alltracksacademy.com/blog

Alltracks Academy is based in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada and is seen as some of the most helpful and dedicated ski and snowboarding coaching experts in Canada. They offer training with accommodation, and the blog provides helpful advice on how to get into snowboarding and skiing.

CSA Surf Canada Blog – csasurfcanada.org/blog

CSA Surf Canada is the official blog to follow to learn more about Canada’s surfing. CSA is the only recognized national sports federation for surfing in Canada. The blog provides trusted details and information about the events, products, and more active in this extreme sport in Canada.

Follow these blogs and stay updated on all the different extreme sports in Canada.