I knew from the very beginning that this film would be difficult. All films are in their own ways of course and I’d be naive at this point in my career to think differently, however Chasing Evel has had more than the usual unanticipated twists and turns of the filmmaking process.

On top of the traditional documentary hazy driving directions, after spending some time with Robbie I knew that we had more than the usual obstacles ahead. The most decorated daredevil of all-time hadn’t jumped in over 5 years, was now mainly known for his time on the ever so balanced TMZ network instead of jumping Caesars Palace, The Grand Canyon, 30 Limo’s, Building to Building and was sober for the first time in over two decades, depending on who you asked. All very risky propositions for any production, however those are the chances you take whenever you step into the world of capturing a glimpse into somebody’s life. Especially a 54 year old daredevil with the Knievel name. Because the truth is that’s all you can do. Capture one moment at a time and hope in the end you have a film that you originally set out to make and in the case of Chasing Evel I feel we accomplished that.

In the end however, my greatest hope is that Robbie gets something out of my vision. Whether it’s a moment in the film where his heart is opened a bit more or just simply a smile during the credits knowing he is one of the greatest daredevils of all-time. Whatever it is I’ll live with it, because after years of making this film myself, Ken, Adam, Bill, Spanky, the guy in Butte who I laughed with at the bar over a joke I never really understood, all hope Robbie can see what we’ve all seen, that he is the last of the Mohicans. And if you get to see him jump again before the greatest show on two wheels closes it’s doors, remember that you’re seeing the last of his kind. Yes, his father was the originator, but Robbie has undeniably continued the family legacy for over 5 decades. He’s jumped over 350 times, 20 of them World Records, over barns, in car lots, cattle ranches, airport runways, football stadiums, wherever, whenever, however, whatever, always keeping the Knievel names alive.

So in the end, you gotta tip your hat off to the legend who is Robbie Knievel.

Jesse James Miller